While I normally deliver all fully retouched photos within 2-3 weeks, I will also email you about 10 photos within 24 hours of your big day, so that you can have something to share with friends and family, before full photo package is ready (within 3 weeks). Below is sample of wedding preview that I sent to couple after their big day. 

Preview photos within 24 hours

Time to dance the night away! To capture evening entertainment is important part of wedding story. On my all day coverage I always stay until 9 PM, what most of the time gives me at least an hour to capture some dancing photos. I shoot mainly using available light as that shows real atmosphere, without using any flash or extra lights. Regardless of how dark it might be on the dance floor, there is always a way to capture cool & colourful images that show how your evening party felt & looked. 

Evening Party

There are not many detail shots on my website, but of course I do photograph all flowers, decorations, cake etc. They are also very important part of wedding day, I just do not put many on my website as I prefer to give more space to storytelling photos. 


But only if you would like some! Most couples would like a few. I normally ask for a list beforehand so that we can get it done quickly and efficiently. 
5-10 photos rarely takes longer than 10 minutes. I just find nice light & background and make sure people look relaxed.  

A few relaxed group photos? 

Weddings are not just about bride and groom! Capturing photos of wedding guests is also very important as they are special people in your life, otherwise they would not be invited:) I like to mingle among guests and capture them having fun in very unobtrusive way. It is all about timings, I am not hidden in shadows, I behave like one of your wedding guests and wait for right time to take a photo.   

Wedding guests

Even couples that hate having their photos taken usually want a few relaxed portraits and I am super happy to do them too. No posing - as promised. I do not really see this part as portrait session, rather than "a few minutes away from you guests for yourselves". I think a lot of photographers are using posing because they are scared to "let things go". Well, I let things go all day, there is no reason to change anything for portrait session. The most important thing is that you feel relaxed and enjoying your day. It is more of a walk than a photoshoot, never asking you to smile, kiss etc. 

Relaxed Portraits

Just like in the morning, I prefer to let the day flow and capture everything discreetly - without interrupting. Key to getting natural moments is observation & anticipation. I am calm and composed - I do not run around or take million of photos. It’s not about capturing everything that moves - its about capturing the story & how it feels to be on the wedding day. To convey mood and atmosphere is equally important as capturing natural moments. 

Wedding Day

Brides often ask me in the morning - "what do you want me to do?" All I say is - "enjoy your day and ignore me". It really is that simple. Some mornings are very laid back and running perfectly on time, while others are incredibly hectic. For me the most important thing is to go with the flow and adjust to the pace, so that I can remain unobtrusive while capturing all important moments. If groom is getting ready near by, I can easily cover both preparations!

Wedding Morning

I always arrive about 1,5-2 hours earlier than expected to spend some time exploring wedding venue and look for some interesting angles. 
Capturing atmosphere is equally important as capturing real moments, so it gives me opportunity to get feel for the place and tune in.
During this time I also find best places for relaxed portraits - if you would like some later on.  


How I Work 

Do you have any questions or would you like to check my availability for your big day?