The Old Vicarage Wedding Photography – Eve & Tom


How lucky was I to be hired as an Old Vicarage wedding photographer? Very lucky, I can assure you, because its such a great venue for photography. It is lovely and far away from all the bustle of a large city.

The year was 2018 and the month was November, the air surprisingly but pleasantly warm. I felt the couple was very lucky because the weather was perfect for the kind of wedding they wanted to have.

I had been looking forward to this wedding for quite a while. Eve and Tom, the bride and groom, booked my services more than a year and half ago, so you can understand how keen they were to get married at the Old Vicarage. I understood perfectly, because its wedding venue sought after by many couples looking to have smaller and relaxed intimate wedding.

 Old vicarage wedding photo

Autumn Wedding Photography at
Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel

Golden November sunlight painted the place with beauty and made taking photographs a treat. The floral décor was really lovely too, brilliant combination of colours pleasing the eye and fragrances caressing the air.

As the venue is so compact, I could capture guests arriving as well Eve getting ready very easily. Eve showed neither anxiety nor nervousness. She was upstairs in her stunning and pristine wedding dress, and she couldn’t have looked happier or more excited. Tom, on the other hand, was as nervous as a cat, though the soft music coming from the guitar must have helped calm him a bit 🙂

The wedding vows were heart-warming and, coupled with how intimate the wedding was, brought Tom’s mom to tears.

After ceremony we quickly went outside to catch last 10 minutes of magical November sunlight for some relaxed wedding portraits. Then, after sunset it turn bitterly cold, but the mood inside stayed lovely and relaxed. Just as Eve and Tom wanted it. Believe it or not, the sun remained hidden for over 10 days after their wedding day, almost as if that was the only reason it came out in the first place. Perfect timing!

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Wow wow wow!! Thank you so much! I received this email whilst I was at work and only got home half an hour ago so it’s been killing me having to wait to view them with Tom. Honestly, we love them so much! I feel like you captured our day perfectly. Half of the photos I didn’t even realise you were there so it’s a really nice surprise to see some of them!

— Eve Nicholls