West Mill Wedding Photographer – Roslyn & Liam


It was a new year and start of a new wedding season. The year kicked off in a great way for me, because I was once more going to be a West Mill wedding photographer.

Couples always express eagerness and curiosity on what it’s like to have a wedding at West Mill, and rightly so. The building has a wealth of history behind it, but that’s barely the reason it’s such a preferred wedding venue.

Erected close to the River Derwent, the cozy look of the West Mill belies just how spacious it is. There is a very pleasing symmetry between the simple colours and natural aesthetic of the place too.

 West Mill wedding photographer

Winter Wedding Photography at West Mill

Even though it was January, the air was warm and pleasant; perfect weather for wedding photography. Roslyn and Liam were, as expected, very excited for their big day.

Conversely, they wanted the event to be very relaxed one with little interference from the wedding photographer, a wedding that looked and felt natural.

That sat well with me because it was exactly how I prefer to work. I always say the best wedding photographs are the ones taken when the subjects were unaware or unprepared, because you get to capture them in a truly raw and natural state.

All eyes were on the couple but there was one very creative feature of the wedding that had people nodding in appreciation: the bride’s mother’s wedding dress. The old wedding dress was cut into long strips and hung in front of the room where the wedding ceremony was taking palace in Cotton Quarter. I used it shoot through during ceremony to create interesting effect for photos.

Interesting feature about West Mill is that wedding ceremony is held on the top floor called Cotton Quarter – same floor where bride is getting ready with her bridesmaids, so that they can hear the noise of guests awaiting their arrival. It might make bridal party a bit nervous or make them feel a bit like rock starts awaiting to come onto stage. Roslyn seemed to be coping well though.

It was a pleasure to be West Mill wedding photographer for Roslyn and Liam and I wish them all the best in the future.

Few Favourite West Mill Wedding Photos Bellow

Peter did a fab job!! We loved the pictures – and he captured some stunning natural shots. Pleasure to have there on the day – made us feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Thanks Peter!

— Roslyn Fenn

A little bit more about West Mill

There are somethings in this world that seem to grow better as they grow older-or rather, they don’t even age at all. They are timeless, serving each generation better than they served the previous. Such are a rarity. Indeed, only a handful ever deserve to be given this mantle of brining joy to people, and the West Mill wedding venue is one of them.

This old building has more stories to tell than any of us can ever know. Once upon a time, it was a village mill that produced cotton for the people of Derby, England. It saw birth over 200 years ago in the 1800’s, and yet, it still stands even today. But it’s been a long time since cotton was spun in this mill. These days, it serves a much merrier purpose.

If you had told the villagers who toiled at West Mill over 2 centuries ago that it would one day be a venue for classy and unique wedding celebrations, they would have scoffed at you, and their reaction might not be entirely unwarranted.

We say this because the building does have monolithic proportions, so it does not immediately look suitable for a wedding, but this notion will change merely seconds after you take a small tour of the place.

For one, the brilliant River Derwent stretching very close to it is a natural wonder on its own. The water is calm but stunning, and therein lies one of the best things about the West Will: The calm aura it exudes. It’s a place that makes you want to just lean back, relax and appreciate the vintage architecture.

Unique Venue for Wedding Photography

Ever since the West Mill was renovated into one of the most unique wedding venues in England, it has been perpetually patronised by eager couples. Another reason a wedding here is exceptional is the fact each of the four floors offers a different kind of experience: From the ceremony to breakfast to the reception and of course, the mandatory dance session.

Much of the West Mill’s industrial architecture has been retained, with all the fine details accompanying it. From the barrel-vaulted ceilings to the cast iron columns, everything looks beautiful and antique. A wedding held here ends up looking like something taken straight out of a Hollywood classic, with the bride and groom being the stars.

You don’t have to take our word for everything I have said so far. Take a trip to Darley Abbey and come see the West Mill for yourself.

Have you decided to get married at West Mill? If you are looking for West Mill wedding photographer, please get in touch.