Stubton Hall Wedding Photographer – Harriet & Paul


November was always a slow month for any Stubton Hall wedding photographer. At least, that was always the norm. A phone call from Harriet changed that. Harriet and Paul were planning their wedding, scheduled to take place 6 weeks away. They hired me to capture every moment of the wedding in natural & storytelling photos. To say I was delighted would be an understatement. I was going to experience an event few others could match in flair and grandeur.

 Stubton Hall Wedding Photography

Winter Wedding Photography at Stubton Hall

The day arrived and guests were left awestruck. The magnificent Stubton Hall had always commanded admiration, but wedding decorations merged with colours of the festive season changed its look so much I wondered if it was the same wedding venue I visited before.

A breathtaking main entrance lit by beautiful lights welcomed you into Stubton Hall. The air was cold but thick with the spirit of Christmas, so the chill did little to dampen the celebratory mood. All in all, the wedding ceremony was even more grand than I anticipated, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one taken by surprise. Soft music danced through the air and raw emotions flowed from everyone in attendance as the wedding began.

Because it was winter, the sun hung quite low in the sky, splashing rays over the couple’s eyes and blinding them temporarily. And for me, For any Stubton Hall wedding photographer, working in such a conditions always proves challenging, but experience and skill give me all I need to take professional wedding photos in any lighting conditions.

Spectacular Wedding Fireworks

Evening soon covered Stubton Hall, but the wedding celebrations were far from over. The brass band took the stage in the spacious orangery. They blew the tranquil evening away with their tubas, trombones, tenor horns and more instruments that all patronise the letter ‘t’.

The music was so infectious almost everyone was all wedding guests were already on the dance floor merely minutes after the band started playing. Admittedly, I felt an itch to join them, but my job was to capture everyone and the best moments of the wedding day.

The wedding ended with a bang, and I mean that literally. Wedding Fireworks so colourful they could shame a rainbow painted the night sky and left everyone in awe. It may have taken over 8 hours to set them up, but the wait was well worth it. Few times have I ever seen such a beautiful display of light and color, and few times had I ever seen such happy newlyweds.

Harriet and Paul gave everyone a day and night to remember. I felt truly honoured to have been their Stubton Hall wedding photographer, because I was the one entrusted with capturing wonderful wedding celebration that would forever be preserved in natural & storytelling photos.

Few Favourite Stubton Hall Wedding Photos Bellow…

“There’s a vintage which comes with age and experience.”

— Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi may not have been referring to a house when he quoted that, but we believe it fits with what we’re trying to say here. Stubton Hall is by no means a modern building equipped with the latest innovation technology has brought forth upon the world, but that’s irrelevant here.

This 19th century house has subtler ways to speak to you and convince you its old age is perhaps the greatest thing about it. It’s more than a hundred years old, but it ages much as fine wine does: gracefully and elegantly.

This country house is a monument to mirth. Its ancient walls harbor memories untold; memories of the joy brought to countless people. From beautiful winter wedding celebrations to house parties that fill the air with gaiety and music, to quiet business meetings and photo shoots, Stubton Hall is a venue unlike any other.

The visitors, guests, vacationers, couples, business men and women who frequent the large house can all attest to this. The house continues to be their choice center for both corporate and private events, and we’ll tell you why. But a little bit of history first.

One House, One World

Stubton Hall had not always been as grand as it is today. Nestled in the heart of its own 24-acre parkland on the Lincolnshire, it was a decrepit yet very large place.

Two people saw beyond all the broken windows and overgrown weeds and wondered what could be. They saw the potential the house held and decided to explore any opportunity it could present. How else could such a place withstand the test of time for so long if it didn’t have something special holding it up?

Kent and Claire Brainerd purchased and turned the dilapidated structure into something that amazes everyone fortune enough to see it. None of Kent and Claire’s efforts were ever a waste because when people come to Stubton Hall, it’s always an experience for the ages.

The 15 vintage bedrooms were given a slightly modern makeover, so stepping into any one of them is an experience on its own, because they make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to see and appreciate the rare and unique beauty of the old days.

The main hall is another part of the house that deserves a mention. It is large, comely and perfect for holding receptions and such. The same applies to the Bar and Bow Room. That’s another of the great things about Stubton Hall: It’s facilities can be utilised for a diverse range of events; a single hall can serve multiple purposes.

The house can be a hotel, wedding venue, party hall, meeting room and so much more. It’s a place that truly presents a world of opportunities for you to make the most out of.

Everything You Will Ever Need for a Fabulous Wedding

You may be left in awe at what you see when you come to Stubton Hall, but your primary reason for going there is not to marvel at its beauty. You go there because you seek the perfect venue to host your most cherished events and celebrations.

Perhaps the most special of all occasions is a wedding, and be rest assured that at Stubton Hall, you will have one that will be gushed over for years to come.

Stubton Hall has enough accommodation for over 200 of your guests, and the Music Room is so large half of that number can all be in there at once, bobbing their heads to sweet music or dancing their woes away.

If it’s a quieter and more emotional wedding you desire, then the Conservatory is where you should hold it. It’s sunny with just the right warmth to set the perfect atmosphere. And you need not worry about weather, regardless if it’s an outdoor wedding or not. The days as well as nights at this countryside seem almost tailored for a fabulous wedding. If you are looking for Stubton Hall wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you.